The Story of Chile Verde


This month we are featuring our signature Chile Verde at Sombrero. And a lot of our customers want to know, what exactly is Chile Verde?

Well, “Chile Verde” is actually a green chile. However, the dish of Chile Verde refers to a Mexican stew made with green chiles. Originated in Northern Mexico, the dish was originally made with pork, but is now made with a variety of different meats depending on preference.

At Sombrero, our Chile Verde features braised pork, slow cooked in our made from scratch green sauce, made with the perfect blend of tomatillos, serrano chiles and spices. Our Chile Verde is a great combination of savory flavors with a spicy kick, and trust us it is the best Chile Verde around.

Don’t take our word for it, come try it for yourself in a burrito, on fries or on a dinner plate, but be careful because all of those around you will be Green with envy!