Spice Up the Holidays with The Tamale Tradition



For generations, (Latin-American) families have gathered during the holidays to share in the festive tradition of making tamales. And although the source of this merry practice is unknown, the history of tamales can be traced back thousands of years to the early Mayan and Aztec civilizations. Tamales were a convenient, portable and sustainable meal that could be made ahead of time and taken into battle for the ever expanding empires of Meso-America. Thankfully, families no longer have to worry about increasing their territory and can enjoy the tasty masa parcels from the comfort of home.

As we enter the busy holiday season, there will be plenty of opportunities to share tamales with loved ones and we know that it can be a hectic time of year so we’ve made it easy for you to enjoy the tamale tradition without all of the hard work.

We’re serving authentic Beef, Sweet Corn, and Cheese with Green Chile Tamales all season long. Available individually or by the dozen, it makes catering your next holiday gathering easy. If you want to take it to the next level, go all out with one of our complete Sombrero Buffet Packages.