Go Big Or Go Home!


For over 30 years we have been the home of the Original Special Burrito. Filled to the brim with your choice of beef or chicken, beans, rice and lettuce and covered in our signature enchilada sauce and cheese, this Sombrero favorite has been the source of many imitations, but none can compare to the original.

What sets ours apart is our Signature Savory Enchilada sauce. The sauce name does not do it justice, as it is more of what we would like to call a “Mexican Gravy”, and you have to taste it to understand.

Join us this month as we spotlight this pioneering burrito in all its glory. And for the truly brave, try our Xtreme interpretation, featuring over 3 ½ pounds of Special Burrito goodness.

What else weighs about that much?

A two-slice toaster

A half gallon of milk

A store-sized bag of apples or onions

The human brain

So we invite you to come into Sombrero and GO BIG OR GO HOME with our Original Special Burrito