Make your next fundraiser a “FIESTA” at Sombrero Mexican Food!

Make your fundraiser a “FIESTA”! Looking to raise money for your non-profit or community organization?  Then “Make it a Fiesta” at Sombrero Mexican Food.  Your non-profit group can hold a fundraiser at one of our Sombrero Mexican Food locations on a designated night and 20% of your event’s total pre-tax sales will be donated to your organization.

Fill out the form below to begin.


Location and Date/Time Requested


Nonprofit Info.

Please note that this information will never be sold to 3rd party companies.


How does it work? Contact Sombrero Mexican Food restaurant support office to request a date for your event. Events are to be held Monday through Thursday between 5pm and 8pm (other times may be available upon request or availability).

  1. Complete the form above and Sombrero will get back to you ASAP to confirm your event. 
  2. Sombrero Mexican Food will create a “FIESTA” Fundraising flyer for you to distribute.  This will be sent via email. 
  3. Get the word out!  Hand out flyers or e-mail them to all of your community supporters: family, friends, teachers, etc.  The more people you get to come to your “FIESTA” the more money you will raise for your organization! Post on social media and talk it up!
  4. At the event, your supporter presents the flyer to the cashier when ordering and then let the “FIESTA” begin!
  5. Within 4 to 6 weeks you will receive a check for 20% of the flyers redeemed.

What groups can participate? All non-profits groups such as schools, sports teams, and charities approved by the IRS may apply.  Other organization without non-profits status may apply as well, by simply filling out a W-9 tax form.

What are the rules? At Sombrero we would like to keep your event as simple and successful as possible, by providing you great service and funds for your organization.  Therefore we ask that the following rules be followed:

  1. Please do not pass out flyers inside the restaurant, parking lot, or immediate surrounding areas.
  2. Coupons or Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with the fundraising event.
  3. One flyer per transaction.

How can we make our “FIESTA” a success? Thanks for choosing Sombrero Mexican Food as the site for your next fundraiser, now let’s make your “FIESTA” a success! Here are some ideas for you to follow:

  1. Print your flyers on bright visible paper.
  2. Get the flyers out at least two weeks before your event so your supporters can plan ahead and make sure people know about the event.
    • Discuss the event and give out flyers at any meetings.
    • Post a flyer or sign in a key area where supporters of your group will see it.
    • Post info. on the event to your social media pages and encourage members to share. 
    • Have key members of your group present at the event.
    • Email flyers to your supporters.
  3. The more you promote your “FIESTA” the greater the success.  Make it fun!  This is a great chance for you and your supporters to get together and enjoy some great Mexican Food and support your cause.