The Story of Chile Verde

This month we are featuring our signature Chile Verde at Sombrero. And a lot of our customers want to know, what exactly is Chile Verde? Well, “Chile Verde” is actually a green chile. However, the dish of Chile Verde refers to a Mexican stew made with green chiles. Originated in Northern Mexico, the dish was originally made with pork, but is now made with a variety of different meats depending on preference. At Sombrero, .

Father’s Day Fun!

It’s Father’s Day, a day we take very seriously here at Sombrero Mexican Food. We love to honor the dads in our life, including our founder Javier Sr. Here are a few fun dad-related facts, courtesy of our friends at Mental Floss – George Washington, the celebrated Father of Our Country, had no children of his own. He did adopt the two children from Martha Custis’ first marriage. A.A. Milne created Winnie the Pooh .

National Salsa Month – Tips For Making Salsa at Home!

In honor of National Salsa Month, Javier Jr. is sending some of his best salsa tips for making San Diego style salsa yourself. The great thing about salsa is that you can mix and match a lot of flavors and never go wrong! It all starts with the chiles. We like Jalapeños (generally mild), Japones (native to Mexico but also used in Asian cooking), Arbol (similar to Japones), and Serranos (thin skinned and easy .

It’s Padres Season – Fun Facts

Padres Mascot
Baseball season is here and just like Sombrero, the Padres are part of San Diego’s history. Let’s celebrate the hometown team with some fun Padres facts – Do you know how many times and what years the Padres have won the World Series?  Two times in 1984 (the same year Sombrero started!) and 1998. Do you know how the Padres got their name?  The team’s name, Spanish for “fathers”, refers to the Spanish Franciscan .

Help Sombrero Rock Shamrocks for the Muscular Dystrophy Association

March is the month where Sombrero partners with the MDA to send kids with muscular dystrophy to camp. Visit any Sombrero location this month and donate $1 for an MDA Shamrock. You’ll get your name on the shamrock, which we post on our wall, and you’ll also get a $1 coupon to be used for a future Sombrero visit, through April 30th. Now that’s what we call a win-win! Our goal with the program .

Valentine’s Gifts for the Taco Addict!

Blog taco note cards
Sure, your loved one would be thrilled with another tie, some PJs or a box of candy (sarcasm intended), but this year it’s all gonna be different. That’s because Sombrero has come up with some of the best gifts out there for the taco lover in your life. With help from our friends at and Serious Eats, we present the gift list that just keeps on giving. Enjoy! Mortar and Pestle In case .

Holiday Tamales are Here for a Limited Time

For many families, Christmas is tamale time! Tamales are wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves and filled with anything from pork to pineapple to squash blossoms, the steamy corn dumplings are most delicious. At Sombrero, we take the work and clean-up off your plate and have our traditional tamales available in Beef, Sweet Corn and Cheese. But it is the process of making them with family and friends: the scooping, smearing, wrapping and .

Beat the Heat with Three Sombrero Fresh Fixes

It’s H-O-T out there — there’s no doubt about that. As summer winds down, we’re still feeling the heat hitting hard. We’ve put together some of our favorite items to help you stay cool while you soak up the last bit of summer sun. 1. Horchata:  Rice, cinnamon, soaked together in perfect harmony for 24 hours. Topped off with creamy milk and poured over ice for a cool treat. That’s horchata—Sombrero’s delicious and refreshing .